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“I love your pain cream. I have bone on bone arthritis in all of my joints except fingers and toes. The pain cream that I get from (you) Laurel is the only thing that helps the arthritis pain. I have some Biofreeze, but I prefer Laurel's cream. There is no funky smell. All I do is massage the cream wherever my joint pain is and the pain is almost completely gone. As an RN and a cancer patient, Laurel's cream is the only thing I use topically. “ -Emily W., Independence, MO

“I have been using products from L’s Oilery for about 5 years now.   Her soaps are my favorite. All the ingredients are natural and make my skin feel great. I also appreciate the care and attention to detail she puts into each bar. I usually do a huge soap block at Christmas time and give the bars as gifts.  Laurel has allowed me to collaborate on soap flavors, so I get to feel like I am part of her process.   I’ve shared my visions with her, and she always comes thru for me.  I asked her to make some soap for my daughter’s bridal shower that we called Bridal Blessings. I researched the meanings behind the oils and the result was lovely. Her combination was perfect!   It meant a lot for me to be able to do that for my daughter. 
Laurel’s soaps just make special occasions that much better! She is truly gifted and makes such beautiful things! Things that not only are good for you, but smell heavenly, and look gorgeous.  I am a customer for life! “  ~ Cami C, Boise, ID

Is L’s Oilery special?  You betcha!
Well, I am a little prejudice because Laurel has been my friend since she lived in Anchorage, Alaska, before her family and adventures took her to other states ending in Boise! Lucky, Boise! You have one awesome, ambitious, inspired woman living in your midst!  I never realized that home-made natural soap is awesome until my
first bar of Restore arrived.  It smells so nice and makes my skin feel softer in my city of no humidity. I gathered up all the soap for my husband and guests to use because I DON’T SHARE! - Barbara M., Anchorage, Alaska

“I just want to thank Laurel for the amazing work she did. I ordered some Specialty soaps for a family event. It was for 2 different persons, so she really personalized the soaps after asking me to describe the persons to her. I loved how respectful she was when I explained what kind of (religious) event it was. The final product was amazing!
 She explained to me how she got the inspiration to make them that way and described what each ingredient meant. I asked her if she could write it down in a note so I can have it with the soaps, and she went above and beyond by putting a note with every soap with the meaning of the ingredients IN SPANISH!
You really can feel the love that Laurel puts in her products.”- Rocio D., Meridian, ID

“L’s Oilery soaps and scrubs are one of our family’s favorite things!  They are made with all natural products, smell delightful and are environmentally safe.  We take them camping, on vacation and make wonderful gifts.  One of my sons is a firefighter, he claims that the “Soap in a Bag” is the only soap that completely takes away the smoke residue after a fire!  I love L’s Oilery soaps and scrubs!!” - Penny R, Eagle, ID

“I have been purchasing from L's Oilery for 6 years now. Laurel's vast knowledge of essential oils and the use of fresh ingredients blows my mind! 

We moved west from the Midwest, and my families skin was so incredibly dry and painful. Nothing helped our discomfort. I don't know what we would have done without her goat milk soap to soften and soothe our skin. My husband's favorite scent is Happiness, while my teenage sons love "Holidays" and "Lavender". I Enjoy ALL of the products. 

I have been so impressed with the quality of L's products that I gifted "The sweet taste of Idaho gift boxes" to our extended family For Christmas! It was an easy to purchase and thoughtful gift for all on our list. And the honey is delicious.  

If you're looking for an honest company in both service and natural products, then L's Oilery is the perfect choice for your skin! “ - Randolyn B., Cottonwood Heights, UT

"We've purchased many items from L's Oilery to add to our giftboxes and have been very pleased. Laurel is so knowledgable and truly desires to share what she knows with others. The products from L's Oilery are authentic and naturally made, and combine a love for family wellness with nature's secrets."
- Malia Tate Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts or @Steelebeebox 

I love L's Oilery. I started with the Plain Jane body butter and loved it so much I moved on to Oh! My Achy Back. This was so amazing, I had buy it for my friends and family. No matter which product I order I have loved them. Her soaps smell so amazing and the pumice ones are great for exfoliating. The massage oil she made me for Valentine's Day was so much fun. I had requested something for my eczema and was sent the most wonderful cream that works so much better than the prescription steroid cream and with none of the side effects that were so concerning to me after several years of use. If you are looking for all-natural products to make your life better, this is the place for you."
- Miranda McKinlay

"I have loved everything that I have gotten from L's Oilery.  My current favorite (I say current, because each new thing I try becomes my new favorite) is the goats milk soap. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy. It is very gentle and does well with my kids eczema. I have the "holiday" scent and it's divine! I whole-heartedly recommend these products. Beyond great products, I appreciate the great customer service from Laurel!" 
- Susannah Warr

"Laurel’s products are amazing! She is so knowledgeable when it comes to herbs, spices, oils, and other natural products. And she mixes them just so, so not only do they smell amazing, but they help support me emotionally and physically. She makes sure that her products are of the best quality. We’ve used her sunscreen for years and it even works amazing for the gingers in our family! I love being able to protect my family and keep them safe with out subjecting them to toxins and chemicals."
- Helen Turner, True You Energy

"I've bought products from L's Oilery multiple times and I'm always extremely happy! I know that anything I purchase from L's Oilery will be made with great care from clean, quality ingredients. I especially love the grapefruit sugar scrub. The citrus scent is to die for!"  
- Wendy Bernards

"I love L's Oilery! Her soaps and lotions are amazing and so smooth. I've never had soap feel so foamy without chemicals. It lathers so well and smells incredible! Plus it's non-toxic. These make amazing gifts and everyone loves them! She uses non-toxic oats as well for her oat soap, which is a huge plus because so many oats are contaminated with glyphosate. I love the puma stone soap, too. It gives such a great exfoliating feel and is so easy to use! I can't say enough about her creamy body butter either. The only way to get this texture is through homemade methods. It saves me loads of time from making homemade body butter myself! I recommend L's Oilery products to anyone looking for non-toxic gourmet home goods!" - Melody Watts, Holistic Health Coach, doTERRA Double Presidential Diamond

“I have been using and buying product from L’s Oilery for about 5 years now. I have purchased single products for myself,  and gift sets for my family or Christmas. I always have so much confidence purchasing from Laurel,  and I know her products are going to be full of amazing natural quality ingredients that provide amazing results. Her soaps always smell amazing and knowing the quality of the ingredients are natural, which makes me so much more confident in using her products. I have had times where I have called Laurel and told her of a specific ailment or skin condition, and she has been able to provide a product to remedy the issue.

Some of my favorite products are; the Ancient Clay mask with blue clay, Happiness with Pumice Soap Bar, Honey and oats Soap Bar, and my mother in law who suffers from splitting cracking fingers and hands swears by the Bees Knees Lotion Bar.

She has put together some amazing personalized beautiful gift boxes and baskets with a combination of products we personally selected for each one of siblings for Christmas which have been appreciated and enjoyed by them for the following year.

If you aren’t using this product, use it. You will want to thank me later, so save this review! “– Amy B, Boise, ID

I love the rose soap! And so does my skin. I've settled in to a nightly routine spoiling my skin with exotic oils!  The oil blend is perfect! I sleep like a baby! I know it's for my skin, but I find the smell very relaxing. Monday morning, I even slept through my 3 alarms!  I'll let you know when I'm getting close to being out. THANK YOU!!"  - Diana H., Boise, ID

"I Love your soap!!' 'I ran out of soap a week or so ago and my skin is dry as crackers...Is it possible for you to ship soap automatically every six or eight weeks. Reoccurring so I don't risk have to use grocery store soap?' - Calli E., Pocatello, ID

“My daughter sent me a gift package from L's Oilery for Mother's Day.  Love at first use!  

The soaps are wonderful.  My family has problems with occasional rashes, eczema, and psoriasis, yet there have been no problems using Laurel's products.  The soaps last a long time and are not drying to the skin.  I love their plushy, satisfying lather.  So do my menfolk.

My nephew recently visited from Texas.  I sent him home with some soaps as a gift for his wife to enjoy.  He reported that his wife only got one bar - his daughters beat their mom to the package.

I called L's Oilery to have Laurel make a specialized package for me.  She is very easy to work with and a real sweetheart.  I so appreciate not having to worry about questionable ingredients being in the products.  This is as pure as it gets.  'Highly recommend this company!” - Susan R., Bountiful, Utah

"Collaborating with Laurel was one of the best experiences I've ever had as a small business owner. Her attention to detail is inspiring. Her thoughtful and creative approach to everything she does both elevated the products, and made our work together so fun. I'll always be grateful for Laurel and for the art that she brings into the world. I highly recommend working with her!" - Logan Miehl, Author

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