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"I love L's Oilery! Her soaps and lotions are amazing and so smooth. I've never had soap feel so foamy without chemicals. It lathers so well and smells incredible! Plus it's non-toxic. These make amazing gifts and everyone loves them! She uses non-toxic oats as well for her oat soap, which is a huge plus because so many oats are contaminated with glyphosate. I love the puma stone soap, too. It gives such a great exfoliating feel and is so easy to use! I can't say enough about her creamy body butter either. The only way to get this texture is through homemade methods. It saves me loads of time from making homemade body butter myself! I recommend L's Oilery products to anyone looking for non-toxic gourmet home goods!" - Melody Watts, Holistic Health Coach, doTERRA Double Presidential Diamond

"Laurel’s products are amazing! She is so knowledgeable when it comes to herbs, spices, oils, and other natural products. And she mixes them just so, so not only do they smell amazing, but they help support me emotionally and physically. She makes sure that her products are of the best quality. We’ve used her sunscreen for years and it even works amazing for the gingers in our family! I love being able to protect my family and keep them safe with out subjecting them to toxins and chemicals."

- Helen Turner, True You Energy

"I have loved everything that I have gotten from L's Oilery.  My current favorite (I say current, because each new thing I try becomes my new favorite) is the goats milk soap. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy. It is very gentle and does well with my kids eczema. I have the "holiday" scent and it's divine! I whole-heartedly recommend these products. Beyond great products, I appreciate the great customer service from Laurel!" 

- Susannah Warr

"We've purchased many items from L's Oilery to add to our giftboxes and have been very pleased. Laurel is so knowledgable and truly desires to share what she knows with others. The products from L's Oilery are authentic and naturally made, and combine a love for family wellness with nature's secrets."

- Malia Tate Steele Legacy Honey and Crafts or @Steelebeebox 

"I've bought products from L's Oilery multiple times and I'm always extremely happy! I know that anything I purchase from L's Oilery will be made with great care from clean, quality ingredients. I especially love the grapefruit sugar scrub. The citrus scent is to die for!"  

- Wendy Bernards

I love L's Oilery. I started with the Plain Jane body butter and loved it so much I moved on to Oh! My Achy Back. This was so amazing, I had buy it for my friends and family. No matter which product I order I have loved them. Her soaps smell so amazing and the pumice ones are great for exfoliating. The massage oil she made me for Valentine's Day was so much fun. I had requested something for my eczema and was sent the most wonderful cream that works so much better than the prescription steroid cream and with none of the side effects that were so concerning to me after several years of use. If you are looking for all-natural products to make your life better, this is the place for you."

- Miranda McKinlay

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