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This Exciting Set was a collaboration of Magic and Wonder!  Young adult fantasy author Logan Miehl weaves a story that has you on your seat wondering what will happen next with each page turning.  The Faerie Festival Series was inspired by her travels in Ireland and her studies of Celtic myth.   Who doesn't enjoy going into a world of fantasy?! I Highly encourage you to check out her site before you go any further.......


Finnabair's Woodland Soap is a natural handmade soap bar, featuring earthy, floral, and woodsy scents, as well as flower petals, goat's milk, and nourishing clay.

King Rauri's elixir is a quality roll-on blend with pomegranate and yarrow essential oils. When used in your skincare routine to nourish the skin and promote cellular growth, notice the initial beautiful blue color of the oil, before it naturally fades into your skin!

Lady Orla's exclusive tea blend is a delicious and calming herbal tea she enjoys daily, and is featured in a special scene in The Festival of Glamour and Smoke.

Bay's Lotion Bar is made from local bee's wax, honey, and mullein oil--perfect for healing dry skin after a happy day spent outdoors, or with your hands in the soil. This balm is also featured in a special scene in The Festival of Glamour and Smoke.

Faeries' Magical Set

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Faeries are Awesome
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